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This amazing air/ground tour departs Sedona Airport around eight in the morning for a one-hour flight to Grand Canyon West. The flight travels over the red rock mountains of Sedona, the remote Sycamore Canyon Wilderness area, and up and over the Colorado Plateau, the high country of Northern Arizona that stretches all the way into Utah. The flight travels northwest about 150 miles to Grand Canyon West Airport. 

The airport and the attractions nearby are part of a one million acre reservation of the Hualapai Tribe who can trace their ancestry back a thousand years. The tribe opened up this unknown and remote part of the American southwest to visitors 20 years ago. Since it is located just 120 miles from Las Vegas, it has become a popular destination of visitors from the neon city. 

Approaching the airport from the east one flies over deep side canyons of the Grand Canyon, a vantage point all photographers relish. The airport lies just one half mile from the actual canyon rim and the Colorado River is 4000 feet below of the rim. 

Upon arrival at the airport, the visitors exit through a temporary terminal building out to the helicopter parking area. A commercial helicopter tour company which flies the latest technology jet helicopters, transported the Sedona travelers to the canyon floor. The helicopter can hold seven passengers for the ten-minute trip. The flight path travels over the airport, past the amazing Skywalk and the popular landmark, Guano Point before descending into a deep side canyon.

This trip resembles a thrill ride at an amusement park since passengers can feel the motion of the 4000+ foot descent over the Colorado River towards a landing area carved out of the banks of the river. During the descent, If passengers on the right side of the helicopter are alert and looks up to the top of the canyon thousands of feet above you can actually see the Skywalk protruding out over the edge of the cliff. (
Once on the ground, everyone departs the helicopter and hike down to the banks of the river and an awaiting pontoon boat. The boat then travels upstream a mile or so to give everyone a real river ride experience. The guide on the boat spoke about the geology and plant life of this amazing canyon and the infamous Colorado River. 

The chopper ride back to the top of the canyon is equally as interesting since the route is different than the arrival route. Once the helicopter flies upward thru a different side canyon it passes over Havasupi Ranch, a tourist cowboy town complete with shootouts, wagon rides and western grub.  A visit to the ranch is not part of this tour.

After departing the helicopter, everyone boards a luxury bus for a one mile ride to Eagle Point, home of the Grand Canyon Skywalk, a glass bridge protruding 70 feet beyond the rim of the Canyon that allows visitors to walk where the eagles fly”.  The unique U-shaped design provides an unprecedented and exhilarating view of the Canyon, including the 4,000-foot drop to the Canyon floor and the Colorado River. 

Opened to the general public since March 2007, the Skywalk facility will eventually also include a 6,000 square-foot visitor’s center on three levels – which will contain a museum, movie theater, lounge, gift shop, and several restaurants and bars. This building is under construction for completion in 2009. 

The Skywalk allows visitors to literally walk out and into the canyon, peering through the glass floor down into the depths of the canyon or peer over the chest-high glass walls into the valley beyond. The walls and floor are built from four inch thick glass so clear visitors could think they’re walking on air. Visitors are provided with shoe covers to prevent the glass floor from being scratched. Camera’s are not allowed on the bridge (lockers are provided) so members of the Skywalk staff can photograph the intrepid travelers on the Skywalk. Prints are offered for sale in the gift shop.

Adjacent to the Skywalk, is the village complex of numerous dwellings representing the lifestyles of many of the tribes of the southwest and a brand-new 250 seat amphitheater that showcases continuous performances and presentations by, primarily, the Hualapai tribe. 

After about a hour and half stop at the Skywalk complex, everyone re-boarded the air-conditioned bus for a three mile journey to Guano Point. Guano Point is one of the highlights of the days adventure and could be one of the most stunning viewpoints of the 200-mile long Grand Canyon. One can walk out to the tip of the point and experience a nearly 360 degree canyon view. 

Unlike other areas of the Grand Canyon, there are no rails along the cliff edges. The views are absolutely unobstructed and, if you are brave enough, you can walk to the actual edge and peer 100’s, if not over 1,000 feet straight down. 

Guano Point is also where one enjoys a sumptuous all-you-can-eat meal (prepared by the Haulapai’s) while sitting near the edge of the Grand Canyon. 

As if fascination with Guano Point was not enough to keep visitors busy, this point is also home to the Hualapai Market. This unique shopping area hosts many Hualapai artisans offering both their wares and education on their cultural significance. 

After a satisfying meal and a walk around Guano Point, the travelers from Sedona were ready to travel home. The flight back was about an hour and was equally as interesting as the flight earlier that morning. As the aircraft approached Sedona, the pilot took some extra time to fly around the majestic red rock formations and enter the airport-landing pattern directly over dramatic deep canyons. Camera’s click away as the trip nears its end. 

Ahead of us was Sedona Airport, situated on top of a mountain 500 feet above the city of Sedona. Landing did sort of resemble landing on an aircraft carrier. (Airport is sometimes called the “U.S.S. Sedona”.) 

Our adventure was over. The travelers from Sedona had a wonderful 6 hour adventure and came back with cameras full of great photographs to prove to folks back home they had not made it up. 

What an trip: seeing the majestic Grand Canyon, tip-toeing onto the world famous Skywalk, taking a Colorado River boat ride, adventures in the air in an airplane and a helicopter, a great meal overlooking the canyon below and the company of fellow adventurers– wow! 

This tour is offered by Sky Safari Air Tours of Sedona and cost $489 per person plus fees, including all transportation, the tasty lunch, and all experiences including the helicopter and Colorado River adventure. Only the walk onto the Skywalk is extra ($33, est.). Children must be 4 years old to go on the tour. 

Price Per Person: $604
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Reservations for these tours and activities MUST be made by phone so we can arrange for your tour directly. 

Call our reservation number 

or 928-203-1785

We are open daily from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Arizona (MST) or Leave a Message and we will call you back. .

Price: $639per person

Duration: 7 hours

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​​Max Group Size: 6

• If you ever wanted to do something really outrageous, when you come to Sedona, here it is...

Here the Amazing Grand Canyon West, Skywalk Adventure is described by a local Sedonan who went on the trip with his son.

 Travelers to Arizona often look for something different to do and make their vacation really special. Arizona’s vast landscape and unusual features provides one of kind destinations and activities that stretch a visitor’s imagination and satisfy their urge to break out of the box and experience a truly unique adventure.

But, there is now a destination and adventure which will satisfy the most demanding adventurer – an air tour from Sedona to a remote airport on the far west rim of the Grand Canyon and a thrilling helicopter trip to the bottom of the canyon, a boat ride on the Colorado River, and the opportunity to walk on the new world wonder – the glass floor and walled “Skywalk”. 

This article traces the flight and activities of a group of Sedona visitors on a spring 2008 air tour to Grand Canyon West, the signature air tour of Sky Safari Air Tours in Sedona, Arizona. ( Grand Canyon West is 80 air-miles due west of the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, the traditional destination of over 4 million visitors a year.

Sedona Air Tours - Grand Canyon West Adventure

Grand Canyon West - WORLD FAMOUS Skywalk Air & Ground Tour