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Price: $159 per person

Duration: 25 minutes

plus Tax

Journey westward from the Sedona airport up scenic Dry Creek area and deep into Secret Canyon to explore the natural beauty of Sedona. Climb up into the outback of Rattlesnake Mesa where you will descend to explore the ancient Sinaguan Indian cliff dwellings of Boynton Canyon. From there you will explore Bear Mountain, soar past Fay's Arch to Doe Mesa and then back to the airport.

Sedona Air Tours- - Ancient's Way Helicopter Tour

–––– Special Ruins Tour

Experience ALL of Sedona's vortex sights on this deluxe adventure! Fly South over Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte. Explore Chicken Point within Broken Arrow. You will fly past the Nuns by the Chapel of the Holy Cross and see the sights of Snoopy Rock. Continue onto Schneblly Hill Road on the way to Wilson Mountain, where Steamboat Rock sits, as you journey to Sterling Pass. Be on the lookout for native wildlife: elk, deer, and wild javelinas as we explore the rugged terrain of Red Rock Country. SHH!! Unlock the hidden treasure of Secret Canyon. Next stop is Boynton Canyon, Bear Mountain, Red Canyon and back home!

Sedona Air Tours- Hog Wild Super Tour of Sedona

Price: $199 per person

Duration: 35 minutes

Plus Tax

Price: $78 per person

Duration: 15 minutes

plus tax

SAVE! This tour usually sells for $99 per person

This sampler tour of Sedona Helicopter Tours views Sedona's majestic Red Rocks as it takes you East past Lee Mountain. Be on your best behavior as you glide past the Three Nuns near the Chapel of the Holy Cross. See if Woodstock is holding out on Snoopy Rock near Steamboat Rock. From there we will explore the immense beauty of Bear Wallow Canyon and Schnebly Hill Road and then back to the airport.
15 minute tour, (flight distance approximately 32km/20mi)

Sedona Air Tours- - Bear Wallow Tour

Helicopter and Air Tours of Sedona