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Cannot be booked online.

Please book this activity by phone:  1-888-543-1785 We are open daily 8 to 5, Mtn Standard TimeType

Cannot be booked online.

Please book this activity by phone:  1-888-543-1785 We are open daily 8 to 5, Mtn Standard TimeType

Price: $149  Adult

$125 Children 3-12

Duration: 3 Hours

Plus tax

Out of Africa's VIP Behind-the-Scenes Tour

Indulge yourself in an exclusive behind-the-scenes experience masterfully guided by an expert member of our animal team. This in-depth 3-hour adventure will expose you to a side of Out of Africa not otherwise seen.

Don’t just see the animals, get to know them on a deeper level in a more personalized and interactive way. Your seasoned park guides will expound on many exciting stories, giving you a remarkable perspective of the animals, their personalities, behavior, history, and the conservation efforts to protect these marvelous creatures.

Your guided journey begins in our Serengeti preserve on an all-terrain specialty vehicle. Find yourself immediately captivated by the majestic creatures that freely roam their domain. Come face-to-face with a graceful giraffe. Watch youthful fledglings discovering a whole new world, whether a zebra foal taking comfort against its mother or a rambunctious baby sable antelope feeling its oats. Discover an appreciation for these exotic animals at peace in the grandeur of their African enchantment.

Following your Serengeti experience, it’s time to venture throughout the park preserve and discover our amazing friends that call Out of Africa home. Meet Bart, a two-toed sloth, or some of his friends. Feed a royal white Bengal tiger, and begin your bond between animal and human. Don’t worry, it’s safe. These interactive encounters just beg for amazing photos, so get your director’s hat on and create your special moments in time.

Immediately following your provided lunch, you’ll be entertained by staff and animals, whether small mammals, birds, or reptiles. You let us know your preference. This interactive, hands-on segment of your experience is where exotic creatures spring from the pages of a text book and become a living, breathing reality in your very midst.

Be fascinated by an African crested porcupine named Come-Along, or befriended by Mara, an adorable Patagonian cavy. Maybe you’d prefer to meet a colorful military macaw named Bam-Bam, or Tucker, the cutest Three-banded armadillo you’ve ever seen. Reptile lovers can say hello to a friendly red-tail boa named Scooter. It’s our pleasure to accommodate your preferences to the extent that our animal friends are up to the task and available.

Your VIP concludes as you are dropped off at the Tiger Splash Arena with your reserved seating. Here you can enjoy our signature show, Tiger Splash™, and, of course, all of the activities included with general admission for the day. This coveted experience is not only unforgettable, but life changing.

Time: 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. by reservation only. Please arrive at gift shop by 9:45 for check-in.

Cost: $149 per adult, $125 per child, plus tax.

General Admission is included with your VIP, no separate purchase necessary.  Children must be 5 and older to participate in this tour
There is a 2 person minimum for each tour.

Price: $29.95  Adult

$14.95 Children 3-12

Duration: ????

​Plus Tax

Out of Africa Wildlife Park is located on more than 100 wilderness acres at the base of Mingus Mountain range in Camp Verde, Arizona. The weather and landscape are similar to the Masai Mara region of Kenya and the Serengeti of Tanzania, which suits the inhabitants -- bears, mountain lions, tigers, leopards, giraffes, zebra, wolves, wildebeests, deer and more -- just fine. The objective here is to provide a natural habitat for the animals, while allowing the humans to appreciate and enjoy them. The park is owned and operated by a husband and wife, Dean and Prayeri Harrison.

Out of Africa Wildlife Park