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Price: $99 per adult

$74.25 per child 

Duration: 3 hours

Tax Extra

Take in Spectacular Panoramic Views of Sedona’s Western Canyon Region!

Ramble through the rugged rolling hills of Sedona’s historic ranch country and explore ancient red rock arroyos. This is the classic high desert trail and one of the best places to see what Sedona looked like 100 years ago.

It's a great trail for wildflowers and pristine native flora and offers a fantastic chance at sunset to see wildlife.

This tour is fun for all ages—not too rough, but just enough adventure that you will be glad you chose to ride with Sedona’s most experienced guides! 

Safari Jeep Tour - Outlaw Adventure 

Price: $99 per adult

Duration: 3.5 hours

Tax Extra

Sedona's Favorite Easy Jeep Tour Trail and Beyond!
Start your tour off with our popular Mogollon Rim Run, then continue deeper into the back country for a chance to get away from it all. Instead of one canyon experience, we'll show you three as we climb up one, overlook the second, and wind down through the third.

As you enjoy these roads less traveled, your knowledgeable guide will entertain you with historic anecdotes and fascinating geology and ecology facts. On morning and evening tours, you have the opportunity for wildlife viewing. This trail offers panoramic views, and peaceful expanses of our wilderness with just a little taste of the rugged four-wheeling. Let us show you a little more of what has drawn people to this beautiful place for hundreds of years.

Safari Jeep Tour - Rim Run Extreme

Price: $79 per adult

$59.2 5per child (3-12)

Duration: 2 hours

Tax Extra

Experience Sedona's Vortexes!  The famous Sedona Vortexes (or "vortices") have defied explanation for years, but one thing remains constant: people from all over the world have extraordinary and enlightening experiences here. Since 1981, when medium Page Bryant identified these power grid sites, people have traveled from all over the world to "feel" the Sedona vortexes for themselves.
Journey with us to these special sites, and explore the possibilities, the history, and the various cultural beliefs surrounding the vortexes.

From Chinese medicine to American Indian lore to New Age mysticism, there is an underlying message that we are connected to the earth in ways we are only just beginning to understand. This is a fascinating tour for the skeptic, the academic, and the seeker, alike. Your experienced and knowledgeable guide will help you define "vortex" for yourself.

Safari Jeep Tour - Vortex Tour 

Price: $89 per adult

$59 per child (3-12)

Duration: 2 hours

​Tax Extra

Red Rock Western Jeeps - Soldier's Pass Tour

ONLY Red Rock Western Jeep Tours is permitted by the U.S. Forest Service to take you on this RUGGED AND HISTORIC TRAIL, the same one traveled by General George Crook, during the Apache campaign in 1871 – 72. Ride over, ‘round and up the Red Rocks with stops at Devil’s Kitchen and the Apache’s Seven Pools. Set foot on Teacup, Jordan or Thompson Trail and feel like a long ago Pioneer. A CHALLENGING 4x4 experience that ONLY a Red Rock Western Jeep can provide. #1 JEEP TOUR in Sedona!!

Price: $89 per adult

$69 per child (3-12)

Duration: 2.5 hours

​Tax Extra

An introduction to the facts, feelings and fallacies of Sedona's vortex POWER SPOT lore investigating some of the reasons behind the sacred site phenomena occurring here and worldwide.

Earth Wisdom Jeep Tours - Scenic Vortex Tour

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